more about madi.

Meet Madi, design dynamo & visual branding specialist.

Madi’s love affair with design started when she was just a young girl growing up in the prairies. When the other kids were playing computer games and mastering the latest edition of Mario Cart, Madi spent her time building business cards and letterheads with her mom’s old stationery software, PrintMaster. 

In highschool, her passion for the arts was solidified. She spent her lunch hours in the Multimedia lab, learning everything there was to know about design software, black and white photography and even video production. With a hunger for design and the help of her teacher, Madi knew where she wanted to take her career before it had even started. She received her diploma in Graphic Design from Sask Polytech in 2012 before heading to Scottsdale, Arizona where she completed an internship at Be In Love Designs, a wedding stationery studio. This was when her side hustle, Madi Kot Designs, was born. 

Upon returning back to the prairies, Madi joined MySask411 where she was a junior graphic designer for the yellow pages. After putting her time in for over 3 years, it was time for a new journey. She left the telecommunications company and set off into the world where she traveled Southeast Asia and Europe with nothing but a backpack and a camera. After several months of sunshine and delicious food, Madi’s natural talent for visual arts and storytelling led her back to Saskatchewan and into the agency world at Stealth Media. Starting out as a junior designer, she quickly rose the ranks and became creative director by the young age of 25.

By 2018, another change of scenery was long overdue. Madi packed up and moved to the west coast seeking sun, adventure and endless opportunity. Madi is currently the Recruitment Marketing and Creative Lead for Beacon HR in Vancouver, BC. She has also remained loyal to her Saskatchewan roots and still works as a part time designer for Levis Tech in Saskatoon. And on top of everything, Madi Kot Designs is going strong with no end in sight. She works with companies like LYF Edibles, Nations Vision, Alt Haus and many more. If that wasn’t enough already, Madi continues to build her nationwide wedding stationery empire on the West Coast.

Madi helps elevate companies’ aspirations into mouth-watering brands. She’s a storyteller with a wealth of agency experience in branding and design as a creative director. An avid adventurer with a unique global perspective on culture and design, Madi is always looking to partner with new and innovative companies all around the world.

interests include:

    • Stationery
    • Animals
    • Sports
    • Mermaiding
    • Travel
    • Cooking